He paid artists to make many beautiful paintings and sculptures.
36 not in citation given Between 14, Leonardo listed a woman called Caterina among his dependents in his taxation documents.It is near the king's palace, Chateau Amboise.His father had married a sixteen-year-old girl named Albiera Amadori, who loved Leonardo but died young 15 in 1465 without children.65 66 Leonardo had many friends who are now renowned either in their fields or for their historical significance.Leonardo da Vinci, Master Draftsman, Catalog of an exhibition held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 22 Jan.The Biblioteca Ambrosiana (a library ) in Milan has the twelve-volume Codex Atlanticus.It is a feature of many Classical Greek statues.83 a b capelli nuovi tagli e colori c d e f della Chiesa, Angela Ottino (1967).
A practical handbook of painting written in the early 15th century.
If an artist was lucky, they would find a rich patron who would buy lots of their paintings.
John the Baptist (c. .
44 A wax model survives and, if genuine, is the only extant example of Leonardo's sculpture.A wooden bridge that could be carried flat on wagons and unfolded and put together at the river.Smith, University of Chicago Press, 1963; reprinted New York: Dover Publications 1979.Parke, Austin, Lipscomb, New York.Piero's legitimate heirs were born from his third wife Margherita di Guglielmo (who gave birth to six children: 16 Antonio, Giulian, Maddalena, Lorenzo, Violante and Domenico) and his fourth and final wife, Lucrezia Cortigiani (who bore him another six children: 17 Margherita, Benedetto, Pandolfo, Guglielmo.