If you really, honestly, just plain liked the book, that's cool I guess.
You are profoundly more intelligent than this holiday page-turner gives you credit for.
Reading a book of this kind is rather like going to the doctor for the results of tests.
Please do not try to explain to me that it is a "really interesting and eye-opening book." Just don't.Please do NOT recommend The Da Vinci Code to me because you think it's brilliant.Dan Brown is not a professor of anything but samsung galaxy in offerta euronics pap.I loathe Dan Brown.Sign Up for free (or, log In if you already have poli rovereto volantino offerte an account) to be able to ask and answer questions.The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown 454pp, Bantam,.99, the conspiracy thriller, it can be argued, is the purest kind of bestseller.Certainly, the novel's success can be attributed to those who read Nostradamus and believe that the smoke from the blazing twin towers formed the face of the devil or Osama bin Laden.I resent him for spoon-feeding the masses pseudo-intellectual "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" D-grade thriller misura taglie scarpe adidas shite under a pretense of real sophistication, and getting orally serviced by The New York Times for his effort.These altruistic clues are interpreted by Robert Langdon, an American "professor of religious symbology" who, by chance, is visiting Paris, and Sophie Neveu, a French "cryptologist" who is the granddaughter of the artistic cadaver in the Louvre.
That'd be sweet, dude.
The Da Vinci Code: The Game is going to be a third-person action-adventure, in part reminiscent of the old Broken Sword point 'n' click puzzlers we all know and love - except adapted specifically for life on console.
If you're stuck in The Da Vinci Code, ask your fellow GameFAQs members for help.
The characters are weakly drawn.
The book then made its way to the big screen, where it opened at number one with the highest box office receipts for the year to date.
If Dan Brown was teaching an Insurgent Christian Symbolism in Art and Literature 101 class at my local community college, I'd definitely have a different opinion about him.
Like this is some spectacular achievement?He's all "la la la, connect the dots" but the picture he comes up with is awkward and unconvincing.Mark Lawson finds that nothing is left to chance in Dan Brown's ludicrous but gripping bestseller, The Da Vinci Code.I'm all for fictional subversion of the dominant Catholic paradigm, but only if the subverter knows what the hell they're talking about.Recently, crime and thriller fiction has been increasingly easy to defend against literary snobs at the level of the sentence.Making matters worse, the only thing stiffer than the acting is the character animations.Don't believe the hype, kids.The problem with this sort of thing traditionally is that they tend to be an absolute cakewalk for people that have read the book or seen the film, and impenetrable for those that haven't.Art expert Jacques Sauniere is discovered murdered in the Louvre, having somehow found the strength in his last haemorrhaging moments to arrange his body in the shape of a famous artwork and leave a series of codes around the building.In, the Da Vinci Code game, players take on the role of Langdon as they are drawn deeper and deeper into the grand cover.And coming up to two years after September 11, 2001 - roughly the time it takes conventional fiction publishing to respond to cultural shifts - what did we find unstoppably atop the American fiction charts?But if you truly believe that Brown's stupid airport thriller has ANY right whatsoever to be placed in the same category with Michael "Wooden Dildo Dialogue" Crichton, let alone Umberto Eco, kindly keep this opinion very far away from me, or the ensuing conversation.The plot, no matter how open-minded you are, is beyond ludicrous.

Are you fucking kidding me?
Alert readers will have noticed a delay in getting round to plot summary, but it takes time to force the face straight.