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It captures some of the essence of Paranal Observatory a little world where astronomers leave the Earth behind and travel to the stars.To begin with, it is a pure-disc galaxy.This photograph shows engineers moving a heavyweight antenna at night with the help of a special 28-wheel transporter and illustrates how work at alma continues around the clock.This is somewhat unusual because most of these so-called active galactic nuclei.The first of these laser launch telescopes known as the Optical Tube Assembly is seen here in the cleanroom at TNOs Van Leeuwenhoek Laboratory in Delft, the Netherlands, having recently held its Acceptance Review.Piercing the dark Chilean skies, its mission is to help astronomers explore the far reaches of the cosmos.Con eccezionale tempismo, questa foto e' stata scattata nel momento in cui il fulmine ha illuminato il cielo, portando ad un'immagine mozzafiato che sembra una scena presa da un film di fantascienza.
Their leisurely pace is imperceptible to a casual observer, but you can test the effect for yourself: on the next clear night note the position of a bright star, and then check again a few hours later.
The VLT is the reason why Cerro Paranal was transformed from just another mountain in the Chilean Andes into a base for world-class scientific research.
The photograph was taken by Fred Kamphues, who appears on the left.
This will have a total of four 12-metre antennas and the twelve 7-metre dishes.
The main array will consist of fifty 12-metre antennas that can be spread over distances from 150 metres to 16 kilometres.
The picture was taken by Malte Tewes, a young astronomer from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland, who had just finished a two-week observing run at the telescope on the evening.Leggi ancora potw1136-it Immagine della settimana Il laser incontra il fulmine 05 Settembre 2011 : Il giovedi' 18 agosto, il cielo sopra a Allgäu Public Observatory nella parte sud/overt della Bavaria era una visuale incredibile, con la notte illuminata da due fenomeni diversi: un esempio.Invia la candidatura per questa posizione attraverso Indeed lidl offerta samsung gran neo -.236 recensioni - Gorizia, Friuli-Venezia Giulia Ti occuperai di tutte le attività operative all'interno dei nostri punti vendita e contribuirai con il tuo supporto"diano a rendere più piacevole.The observatory lies deep in the barren Atacama Desert, which can really seem like an alien environment.There are, however, occasions when a green flash appears above the solar disc for a second.The VLT already uses a powerful laser beam to create an artificial guide star, 90 kilometres up in the atmosphere.Leggi ancora potw1148 Immagine della settimana, a galaxy full of surprises NGC 3621 is bulgeless but has three central black holes 28 Novembre 2011 : This image, from ESOs Very Large Telescope (VLT shows a truly remarkable galaxy known as NGC 3621.Four powerful 20-watt lasers, fired to an altitude of 90 kilometres up in the atmosphere, will help the VLT correct the image distortion caused by turbulence in the air.In addition to the main array, alma will also have a compact array, composed of four 12-metre antennas plus twelve 7-metre antennas.The green flash is a rather rare phenomenon; seeing such a transient event requires an unobstructed view of the setting (or rising) Sun and a very stable atmosphere.