voodoo vince remastered cheats

Collect first Power Skull.
30G Nice Ridin' Partner!10G Less Than Seaworthy Vince falls into water.Now don't imagine it ibank coupon code because it exists andImagine a 3D platformer.20G He Was So Handsome Defeat Evil Vince.15G Locally Sourced Beat the Sausage Factory.
20G Baker's Dozen Destroy 13 monsters with a single Voodoo Power attack.
Win Rat Race Rodeo.
Imagine a 3D platformer.
50G Tidying Up The Place Collect all Dust Bags.
20G, it's Got What Dolls Crave, collect 100 Dust Bags.
If you collect enough beads, Vince will perform a special mood that appears to hurt him, but the effects go onto the enemies in the vicinity, while Vince leaves unscathed.15G Sous Chef Collect all gumbo ingredients for Jimmy.Use a Voodoo Power.Now imagine that it's actually good.30G Vince: Destroyer of Worlds Kill 1000 enemies with Voodoo Powers.20G, soft Landing, hover for longer than 10 seconds.15G Electrical Contractor Activate all generators at Kosmo's carnival.Now imagine it has a voodoo doll.10G Watch buoni sconti amazon libri That First Step Fall into a bottomless pit.

15G, career Potential, win Zombie Guidance Counselor.
30G Way Too Bossy Defeat The Bone Goliath.
X-Ray Specs, use All-Seeing Eye to see stuff.